Student Worker Accident Procedures

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If a student employee is injured on the job, his or her supervisor must complete the following accident report forms within 24 hours of the accident.

  1. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Accident Report Form 118 or Form 101:
    • Form 118: if fewer than 5 calendar days of work time are lost, or there is no loss of work time.
    • Form 101: if 5 or more calendar days of work time are lost.
  2. Boston University Accident Report and Analysis: Form ORM-1

Any delay in filing may cause the University to be fined and may jeopardize the student employee’s right to receive benefits.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to fill out and submit these forms. The injured student employee should not be completing this paperwork.

For downloadable forms and more detailed information about Workers’ Compensation and Accident Reporting procedures, see Workers’ Compensation: Procedures on the Risk Management website.

Route completed forms to:

Mary Ann French
Student Employment Office
881 Commonwealth Avenue, Second Floor

Any medical bills should also be forwarded to Mary Ann French.

Paperwork will be reviewed and forwarded to Human Resources for processing.

Severe Injuries

Contact Risk Management immediately at 617-353-3020 when a student employee is severely injured on the job. If the accident occurs after normal office hours or on a weekend, Risk Management should be apprised of the accident on the next business day.

Emergency Transportation

If it is necessary for a student employee to be taken to the hospital, suitable transportation should be provided and the student should be accompanied to the hospital. Transportation back to the student’s residence should also be provided.