Summer Work-Study for Law Students

The Student Employment Office  produces an online Job Directory, located on the Student Link, which lists current job opportunities for all summer work-study recipients.This directory will become available in April. It will include on-campus jobs, as well as jobs at non-profit organizations that currently have a relationship with BU’s Work-Study Program.

You may seek work-study positions at non-profit organizations not listed in the current directory.  Potential off-campus employers must be approved by the Student Employment Office prior to hiring a student.  The off-campus agency will be responsible for 50% of your earnings.  Important: You are paid by Boston University, NOT your employer. For additional information regarding off-campus work-study positions, please visit our general Off-Campus Work-Study page.

If you are using the PIP Grant in conjunction with your work-study award, the off-campus information outlined here  does not apply.  Contact Kealin McCormick, Law Personnel and Facilities Administrator at, for information regarding the use of your work-study and PIP grant.

Work-Study Award Confirmation Form:

(This form should be printed out and submitted to your hiring supervisor for processing.)

  • go to
  • click on “Work”
  • click on “Work-Study Information”
  • input your user ID and Kerberos password
  • go to the “Award Confirmation Form” and print

Form I9: If this is your first job at Boston University, a Form I-9 must be completed by you in the presence of an authorized BU staff member.  Form I-9 will require you to present specific documentation in order to be completed. The list of approved documents is listed on the last page of the Form I-9 (page 5).

Form W-4: If this is your first job at Boston University, a Form W-4 should be completed.  Work-Study is taxable income.

Direct Deposit: Please sign up for direct deposit on the Studentlink to ensure your money is in your account each week/month, if you haven’t already done so.

  • go to
  • click on “Work”
  • click on “Direct Deposit Authorization”
  • fill out form with routing number and account number you’d like your money to be deposited into
  • If you receive an error asking you to sign up manually, fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and turn into the Student Employment Office

Off-Campus Authorization:  If you have found a job at an off-campus agency, please fill out this form with your supervisor and turn it into our office. This is required in order to set you up on our payroll system. You cannot begin working until this form has been filled out and approved by Work-Study staff, in writing.