How Work-Study Works

Work-Study is not a traditional “grant,” and earnings are not applied to tuition. Instead, students are paid for hours worked.

Boston University Financial Assistance selects as many participants for the Work-Study Program as funding allows. Eligibility is based on financial need. There is no obligation to earn the entire award.

If your eligibility changes during the academic year or summer program, BU Financial Assistance may be required to adjust or cancel your Work-Study award. Therefore, it is important to monitor your award balance on your salary statements, which are viewable on the Student Link Work tab..

Types of Jobs

Most departments at Boston University hire Work-Study students. Available job categories usually include:

  • Arts
  • Athletics/Recreation
  • Communications
  • Community Service
  • Computer
  • Dining Services
  • Financial
  • General Office
  • Laboratory/Technical
  • Human Service/Medical
  • Legal
  • Library
  • Research/Teaching
  • Security/Maintenance
  • Tutoring

Off-campus nonprofit and community service organizations also provide jobs for students with Work-Study funding. See Off-Campus Employment for details.