First-Year Students

Work-Study is part of your financial aid.  It allows you the opportunity to earn money while attending college through a flexible and conveniently located job. It is not a traditional grant. You earn this money by working in a job and getting paid. Please review this page for answers to some common questions and visit our Freshmen checklist!

  • A wide variety of jobs are available. Most BU departments hire students. For example, there are jobs in offices, labs, and libraries, as well as jobs related to computers, security, athletics and recreation, research, or community service.
  • Pay rates vary based on job duties and skill level required.  Entry-level positions start at $11.00 – $11.25 per hour.

  • At the end of each week of work you will complete and submit an electronic time sheet on the Student Link, recording the hours you worked.  The following Friday you will receive payment.
  • Note: It is a federal offense to falsify hours on a Work-Study time sheet.
  • You’ll be able to sign up for direct deposit and view your pay statement on the Student Link Work tab ( You should complete a Direct Deposit Authorization after you receive your first pay check. You may have your check deposited into a checking or savings account at a bank either in Boston or at home.
  • Work-Study earnings are not part of your tuition or student account. The earnings are intended to be used to pay for miscellaneous education-related expenses such as books, travel expenses, entertainment, etc.

  • This means you may earn up to $2000 during the Academic Year (September through May).

*You may receive an award that is less or more than $2000; it depends on your financial aid package.

One of two ways:

  • You can attend the job fair at Orientation.
  • OR, you can use the Work-Study Fall Job Directory.  Fall positions will be posted beginning mid-August on the Student Link Work tab.  The posted positions vary, from entry level jobs to jobs that require prior experience.  Call or e-mail the contacts of the positions you are interested in directly to schedule interviews.

  • Take the job seriously and perform at the highest level of your ability.
  • Monitor your Work-Study award balance. View your balance on the Student Link Work tab, either under Work-Study Award Information or Employee Time Entry.
  • Enjoy!