Off-Campus Employment

Public and private nonprofit, incorporated agencies working in community service may be eligible to become off-campus employers under the Work-Study Program. Federal regulations, however, specifically prohibit work of a political or religious nature, and jobs that require the student’s affiliation or financial support.

Available off-campus Work-Study positions include a variety of community service and tutoring opportunities.

Agencies that regularly hire Boston University students include local hospitals, museums, state and municipal organizations, environmental organizations, and after-school programs. Our Work-Study students have been employed off campus as research assistants, gallery attendants, accounting clerks, publicity assistants, translators, childcare assistants, legal assistants, and reading tutors.

Because off-campus placement is limited, students are placed on a first come, first served basis. You may have only one off-campus Work-Study job at a time.

The Work-Study Job Listings include jobs from off-campus nonprofit agencies that currently employ Boston University students, but you may also seek job opportunities at nonprofit agencies that are not listed. Before you make a commitment an unlisted agency, however, you must discuss the potential placement with the Student Employment office, who will ensure that it meets Federal Work-Study regulations.

Written approval from the Student Employment Office is required before you can begin working in any off-campus job.

Once you have found a job that you are interested in, be prepared with the required paperwork.

Before you may begin work, your off-campus supervisor must complete the Federal Work-Study Off-Campus Authorization Request and return it to Work-Study. Written approval is usually returned within five business days.

In addition, your employer must have a current Work Agreement Contract with Boston University.

The current minimum pay rate for off-campus Work-Study employment is $9.75 an hour.

Students working off campus are paid weekly by Boston University, based on submitted off-campus timesheets. You should not receive any payment directly from the agency.

For more payroll information, see Timesheets and Paychecks and Taxes.