Multiple Work-Study Positions

You may have more than one on-campus Work-Study job, but only one off-campus Work-Study job.

If you have more than one Work-Study job you should:

  • Notify your supervisors that you have another Work-Study job.
  • Agree upon what portion of your award (dollar amount) will be earned in each job.
  • Agree upon the number of hours, not to exceed 20 (total) while classes are in session, that you will work each week.
  • Have your supervisors use the Work-Study Earnings Chart to help determine how many hours per week you may work throughout the academic year, given your Work-Study award amount.
  • Carefully monitor your award balance, displayed on your weekly salary statement on the Student Link Work tab, to insure that you do not work beyond your award amount.

Remember: If you have multiple Work-Study jobs, the total combined hours worked cannot exceed 20 hours per week.