Form W-2


Form W-2 is a statement of earnings produced each January to show how much you earned during the previous calendar year and how much was withheld in taxes. You need your W-2 form to file federal and state tax returns.

W-2s are mailed out by University Payroll during the month of January, typically during the last week of the month.  W-2 forms for domestic students will be sent to the home address that appears on the Student Link, through the “Address and Phone” option, under the Personal Tab.  W-2 Forms for international students will be sent to the local address which appears on the Student Link.

You can change that address by changing your address on file with the University Registrar or by notifying Student Payroll.

Address changes submitted to the Student Payroll Office should be sent in writing or via e-mail to  Include your name, BUID, and new address.