The Quickie Quiz

You must complete this quiz before signing the Quickie Contract and registering for the Quickie Job Service. Please review the Quickie Job Procedures before taking the quiz.

  1. Where can you receive Quickie Job referrals?
    Student Link
    Through e-mail
    Over the phone
  2. What must you bring to FirstPoint to receive referrals?
    Job number(s) only
    Job description(s) only
    Job number(s) and B.U. ID card
    Job descriptions and B.U. ID card
  3. How many referrals are allowed each day?
    As many as you can handle
  4. To report back on your referrals you must e-mail:
  5. International students registered for Quickie Jobs are limited to working at the University.
  6. You must report back on all referrals within:
    48 hours
    24 hours
    No specific time frame
    Before you graduate
  7. Even if you don’t decide to take a Quickie Job, or haven’t been able to reach an employer, you must still call back on that referral.
  8. If an employer lists a pay rate that seems unreasonable, you should demand more money.
  9. When going to a Quickie Job you can and/or must bring:
    Your B.U. ID card and referral slip
    A friend without a referral slip

I have read the policies and procedures of the Quickie Job Service. I understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the service.