Quickie Job Procedures

Only those students who register with the service are eligible for job referrals. Non-registered students may not take out referrals, and friends and family members may not be referred to an employer who has listed with our service.

If you bring a non-registered individual with you to a job, or let someone other than yourself follow up on a referral, you will no longer be permitted to use the Quickie Job Service.

This policy exists for reasons of liability, safety, and fairness. Please let the staff know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Note: International students must check with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) before they can work. International students are limited to working at the University and will not be given referrals to off-campus jobs.

  • Review Quickie Jobs online.
  • Bring the job numbers you are interested in, along with your BU ID, to the FirstPoint desk at 881 Commonwealth Avenue on the 2nd floor. You can receive the contact information for up to three jobs each day. Initially, you must come in person to receive referrals. After five placements, students who prove themselves reliable gain access to referrals from home.

    Hint: Most students go for jobs with the highest pay rates. These jobs, however, are the ones that will be filled fastest. Therefore, if you are really desperate for work, consider applying for lesser-paying jobs. The pay may not be as good, but your chances of getting the job will be much better.

  • We will update your file and give you a printout of information about the job and the employer. Your name and BU ID number and the Quickie Job Service’s telephone number are also included.
  • Call or email the employer.  Introduce yourself and ask if the job is still available. If it is, and the employer wants to hire you, discuss details regarding the time, payment, directions, tools needed, etc. See Telephone and E-Mail Tips for advice on how to make this important first contact.

    Once you have accepted a Quickie Job and have made a commitment to the employer, you are required to complete the job. Students who cancel a job without adequate notice and/or reason will be suspended from the Quickie Job Service.

  • Once you have decided whether or not to take the job, report your results to the Quickie Job Service. You may report in person or email seo@bu.edu. Be sure to report all necessary information, including your BU ID number and the job number(s).

    You must notify our office within 24 hours regarding the status of all referrals, even if you choose not to call an employer or not to take a job.

  • If an employer is difficult to reach or has not confirmed that he or she wishes to hire you, let us know that as well. These jobs will be updated with a status of “T” for “trying.” Note: You do not have to call in every 24 hours if your jobs are in “trying” status. We ask, however, that you report back again if you hear from the employer that you are hired for the job.

    Failure to report back on a referral will result in a “strike.” Three strikes will result in a one-month suspension from the Service.

We encourage employers to ask to see your referral sheet and your BU ID, so they can be certain that you are registered with the University and the Quickie Job Service. Always carry both these documents with you when you go to a Quickie Job. If you have received employer contact information online, print it out or save it electronically to show the employer.

Employers count on the Quickie Job Service to accomplish tasks that they might be unable to complete on their own. They use the Service because student workers are reliable, skilled, and motivated. Please don’t give them any reason to think otherwise. Irresponsible or inconsiderate behavior not only disappoints an employer; it also reflects badly on the Service.

Employers pay you directly for Quickie Jobs. For jobs in private homes, you should expect to be paid immediately after the job is completed. We encourage employers to pay students in cash. If you are unwilling or unable to accept a personal check, we recommend that you make this clear to the employer before you go to the job. Never accept a personal check from an employer who is moving out of town.

When you work for a business (no matter how small), you will almost certainly be paid by check. Most businesses also will not be able to pay you immediately. Therefore, if you need immediate cash, do not work for a business (including Boston University) unless the employer is able to make special arrangements for you.

The Quickie Job Service advises employers regarding pay rates. Both employers and students are expected to adhere to the rate offered in the Quickie Job listing. Any change in pay must be agreed to by both parties.

Keep in mind that many employers cannot afford to pay more than the listed rate, and pressuring them for an increase is not only unfair but may make them uncomfortable about listing with us in the future. If the posted rate seems low, please do not ask for more; apply for a different job. Please let us help employers set competitive rates, and do not try to influence them.

As with other income earned, your Quickie Job pay is taxable. Business employers will usually deduct taxes from your paycheck. Reporting this income is your responsibility.

When problems arise between students and employers, it is usually due to poor communication. Therefore, you should first discuss any concerns you have with your employer. If you still cannot clear up the problem, we encourage you to contact the Quickie Job Service for advice and suggestions.

If you are working on a specialized or long-term job, such as painting or carpentry, we recommend that you get your terms of payment and time commitment in writing.

If you ever have concerns about the way a Quickie Job Service employer has treated you, please report them to the Student Employment Services Manager as soon as possible. Your feedback on positive and negative experiences is always encouraged and appreciated.

Always trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, chances are it is, and if something about a job or an employer makes you uncomfortable, you are within your rights to decline (or leave) the job and alert the Quickie Job Service.


  • The Student Job Service does not perform background checks on employers. Use your best judgment when taking a job.
  • Always report within 24 hours regarding the status of all of your referrals.
  • Don’t bring friends or relatives along on Quickie Jobs.
  • Always bring your BU ID and referral sheet to your Quickie Jobs.
  • Take your Quickie Jobs seriously.

Please call us at 617-353-3594 if you have further questions.

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