Quickie Jobs

Quickie Jobs allow students to work around their academic schedules and require only a short-term commitment. These positions range from party help or raking leaves to assisting in medical research studies or developing a web site, and may last from 15 minutes to one month.

New jobs are posted continuously to the Quickie Job Listings throughout the day.

Most jobs are immediately available. You can stop by in the morning, line up a job for the afternoon, and have cash in your pocket the same day. If you’re looking for an ongoing part-time job to provide you with steady income, however, check out the Job Board.

Quickie students are required to sign a contract agreeing to the service’s regulations and must present their BU ID at the front desk before receiving any employer’s name and phone number. Students contact employers and are paid directly by them. Once a student has accepted a position, it is their responsibility to notify the employer if they can no longer work the job or will be missing a shift.  Failure to do so may result in a suspension from using the Student Job Service.

To be eligible to use Quickie Jobs, students must be enrolled in a degree program at Boston University and either:

  • Currently registered.
  • In the first semester of a leave of absence approved by the University Service Center.

Entering Freshmen and Graduate Students are eligible to use the service once they have registered for classes and settled their student account for the fall and may use a photo ID in place of a Boston University ID.

You must obtain a Kerberos password through the Office of Information Technology before accessing the Student Link.

Read the Quickie Job Procedures, then register to use the service by completing the Quickie Quiz and signing the Quickie Student Contract.

Remember: You must initially come into the office and present your ID to receive employer information (referrals) on Quickie Jobs.

Students who prove to be reliable Quickie Job Service users are eligible to receive Quickie Job referrals online, via the Student Link, and are not required to come in person to pick up referrals. To receive this privilege, students must be placed into at least 5 jobs over a semester, diligently report back on their referrals, and be in good standing with the Service and its employers. Students who meet the criteria will be given access to view employer contact information on the Student Link and will receive email notification of this privilege from the Student Employment Services Manager. All Quickie Job Service rules still apply, and any student who does not adhere to Quickie policies and procedures will face suspension from the Service. Please note: students will be given online access at the end of each semester only.

The Student Job Service is a free job listing site for employers throughout the Greater Boston area. All hiring and compensation for work performed is handled directly between the student and the employer.  The Student Employment Office does NOT perform background checks on listing employers or companies, nor does it endorse or sanction any employer or company.  Students are advised to use good judgment when accepting off-campus positions listed under the Job Board or Quickie Job Service.  Students should NEVER PAY for any type of employment opportunities. Please be aware that job scams do exist. If any employer asks for money or wishes to send you money (in any form)  from out-of-state or country, discontinue correspondence with that employer and contact our office immediately at seo@bu.edu