Job Scam Alerts

If you come across a job listing that you have questions or concerns about, please do not hesitate to contact us at We can remove jobs immediately and block the scammer from posting with us in the future.

Stay alert and up-to-date! For a list of recently active scams, please visit the BUPD Police Advisories page.

Be extremely cautious when applying for off-campus employment and remember that you should NEVER PAY for any type of employment opportunities. If any employer asks for money or wishes to engage in wire transfers of cash, please discontinue all correspondence with that employer and contact our office immediately at

Please remember that the Student Employment Office does NOT perform background checks on listing employers or companies, nor does it endorse or sanction any employer or company. Job scams do exist, so please always use good judgment when accepting off-campus positions listed under the Job Board or Quickie Job Service.

Two jobs were posted by Robert Stewart, one for an Administrative Assistant and one for a Babysitter/Nanny. His email is listed as These are scam jobs. If you have contacted this employer, discontinue contact immediately. If checks have been sent to you, do not cash them.

Position 201504404 that was listed on the Job Board is a scam. The position was for an Office Assistant. The employer was listed as LE Smith Management Co. Inc. and the contact was Sylvester Mabins. Do not contact this employer. If you have already done so, discontinue contact immediately. Do not cash or deposit any checks from this employer.

A student emailed about a position on the Job Board, 201504412. The employer is listed as Plastek Cards, Inc. and the contact is Miller Clark. The position was for a General Clerk, performing clerical tasks and processing orders. The student emailed the employer and received a reply that the employer was out of the country and wanted the student to do some shopping for him. The student notified us immediately and the position was removed from the Job Board.

Two students emailed regarding an Administrative Assistant position posted on the Job Board (201503830) for employer John O’Leary. This position was determined to be a scam and has been removed.                                                                                                    

Two students emailed us regarding an Administrative Position posted on the Job Board (Job 201503298) posted by Steve Chenney. The position was offered as “work from home” and the students’ first task was to cash a check mailed by the scammer and then transfer the funds through Western Union to someone in Puerto Rico. The student was to retain their pay. If you have contacted Steve Chenney, discontinue all contact immediately. Do not cash any checks from this employer.                                         

A student emailed us regarding a position that had been posted on the Job Board for an Administrative Assistant. The job number is unknown. The company was listed as Property Management Co. and the contact was Anderson Kelvin. This employer sent the student a check via FedEx and asked the student to deposit it in the bank, deduct her salary from the amount, and send the remaining money to an orphanage using Western Union. The student contacted us about this scam immediately upon receipt of the check and did not deposit the money. If you have been in contact with Anderson Kelvin, discontinue contact immediately. Do not cash or deposit any checks from this employer.

Two students emailed us regarding job 201404625, Administrative Assistant Needed. The employer was listed as Paul Kimes. The employer claimed to be out of the country (he said he was in Canada) and wanted assistance purchasing items for an orphanage. He was going to email a list of items to be purchased and mail funds to purchase the items to the students. Do not contact this employer. If you have been in touch with Paul Kimes already, please discontinue correspondence immediatly and do not cash or deposit any checks from this employer. There was also a babysitting job listed under the name Paul Kimes- job number 201404743.

A student emailed regarding job 201403617, Office Help $20/Hr. The job is listed for Steelcase Inc with the contact name Kimberly Petterson. When the student contacted this employer, the employer indicated that she was out of the country. She wanted to hire the student to run errands at Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and other stores for which she would be compensated after the purchases were made. Do not contact this employer. If you have done so already, please discontinue contact with the scammer immediately.

Several more students contacted the “employer” below, Jessika Zarco Realty, about a Summer Assistant position before the posting was removed. This is a scam job. Do no contact this employer. If you have done so already, please discontinue contact with the scammer immediately.

A student began corresponding with a scam employer who claimed to be out of the country in Australia and wanted the student to set up a joint Bank of America account to share funds. Like the post below, this “employer” was looking for an office assistant and claimed to be a realtor. This scam is being posted at universities across the country. Please be very vigilant for any posts that seem similar to these listings (general office help including running errands, shopping, etc.) and contact us immediately if you sense that something is amiss.

A student came across a job listing for General Office Work and applied. The scammer, who claimed to be a realtor with a focus in international business, replied that she was out of the country but needed help with errands, shopping, picking up mail, and paying bills. She wished to hire the student without meeting him and would be paying him from out of the country. The student contacted Student Employment about the job and discontinued any further contact with the scammer.

A student applied to be a House Cleaner for a family home. The scammer was out of town and wished to pay the student via check, have the student hold money for him, and wire the money via Western Union when the scammer needed it.  The student notified us right away and did not suffer from any repercussions.

A student applied to a job for an Administrative Assistant at a construction firm. The employer was out of the country and wanted to send money for the student to purchase items and send them out of the country. The student determined that the job was fake and was not negatively affected.

We have recently been made aware of a job scam and want to alert the BU Community of this threat. In late August a General Office Help position turned out to be a scam, resulting in a student losing a significant amount of money.  The scammers hired a student, but never met him, citing illness and foreign travel. Then, they overpaid the student by check with instructions to deposit the check, wait 24 hours, and then complete a wire transfer at a Western Union Office for the amount of the check less the amount of the alleged wages the student was promised. The address for the wire transfer was to a location in the Philippines.  A day or two later, the student was notified that the check was a counterfeit and the student was responsible for the overdraft.  Please don’t let this be you!