Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Job Listings include long-term part-time and full-time summer work opportunities.

Jobs are separated by category, and pay can range from minimum wage to $20+ per hour. The average is $12 per hour. New positions are posted daily and no position remains posted longer than 4 weeks without confirmation that it is still available.

Available jobs may include:

  • Paid internships to help students acquire practical experience and academic credit as well as income.
  • On-campus jobs which do not require a Federal Work-Study award.

Students are responsible for contacting employers and setting up interviews. All hiring and compensation is handled between the student and the employer. Once a student has accepted a position, it is their responsibility to notify the employer if they can no longer work the job or will be missing a shift.  Failure to do so may result in a suspension from using the Student Job Service.