Timesheets must be completed accurately. Falsifying a timesheet is a serious offense and will result in immediate termination. You may also lose your financial aid, and you will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for potential further disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the University.

Each week that you work, it is your responsibility to submit a timesheet to your supervisor, who will verify hours worked and then submit it to the departmental payroll coordinator, who then authorizes payment of wages.  You will enter your hours via the Employee Time Entry function on work tab of the studentlink (students working at Huntington Theater or Agganis Arena should speak with their supervisor regarding the time entry process).  Entering your hours is a simple process and should be done each day that you work. 

Each department at Boston University has its own procedures for processing weekly timesheets, which you should discuss with your supervisor. You should also ask how you will be notified of early timesheet deadlines that occur because of holidays.

Only the pre-printed Boston University off-campus student timesheet, provided to your supervisor by BU Work-Study, will be accepted for payment for an off-campus Work-Study position.

For each week you work, your supervisor must submit a completed timesheet to Student Payroll by noon the following Monday, so that you may be paid the following Friday. Timesheets may be hand delivered or faxed to 617-353-9200.

Please note that holidays may necessitate early payroll deadlines. Supervisors are sent a copy of the Early Payroll Deadline schedule with the timesheets for each semester.

If you are experiencing difficulty with this process, please contact BU Work-Study immediately.