Friday is pay day.

Direct deposit is the preferred method of payment for all student employees.

Prior to being set up for direct deposit, student employees working on the Charles River campus should pick up their paychecks at the “Paycheck Express” counter located in the FirstPoint Lobby, 881 Commonwealth Ave, 2nd Floor.  Paychecks for student employees working on the Medical Campus are sent to the student’s employing department.  Any students waiting to receive a Social Security number should also pick up their paycheck in the FirstPoint Lobby.

Please note that paychecks become invalid after 90 days.

If you have multiple jobs at Boston University, your earnings from all your jobs will be combined into one payment for each payroll period.

You can view a record of your paychecks online, via View Salary Statement option on the Student Link Work tab, using your Kerberos ID.  If you receive an error message when you try to access your Salary Statement, you should go to one of the IS&T Help Desks located throughout the campus. You should provide your BU ID card and ask them to raise your system security level so that you can access the Employee Self-Service options.

Weekly Salaried-paid students receive a set amount of money each week. No time entry is required.

Hourly-paid students receive payment based on the number of hours worked each week.  Time entry is required for hourly paid students.

Students receive their first payment on the Friday of the second week of work, provided all required paperwork has been completed by the employing department by the weekly deadline.