Required Paperwork

Direct Deposit Authorization
Authorizes BU to deposit your paycheck directly into your bank account (checking or savings). If you already have direct deposit from working at BU previously, you do not need to resubmit. If you have never worked for BU before, you’ll need to wait until after you receive your first paper paycheck to set up this service.

If this is your first time working at Boston University:

  • Form W-4
    Bring your completed Form W-4 to your hiring supervisor or to the Student Employment Office

    • Further information is available regarding Taxes.
  • Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
    Form I-9 must be completed in the presence of a BU staff member. Present original documents from one of the following options:

    • Option 1: US Passport
    • Option 2: BU ID and Social Security Card
    • Option 3: BU ID and Birth Certificate

    For other options, see the LISTS OF ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS on the last page of the form.

Additional Required Paperwork for Work-Study

For on-campus Work-Study positions:

For off-campus Work-Study positions:

  • Off-Campus Authorization.
    Completed by your hiring employer and approved by BU Work-Study prior to your accepting an off-campus job.

If you are returning to the same Work-Study job for the following year, you may be part of the Automatic Rehire process. No paperwork is required.