You and Your Supervisor

We encourage supervisors to keep lines of communication open, clear, and constructive. It’s a two-way street: keep your lines open, too. If you have questions, complaints, suggestions, or issues, let your supervisor know. Having your questions answered and sharing you views will help you get the most out of your job.

If you do well at your job, you could be nominated for Student Employee of the Year!

Problems on the Job

You should first attempt to discuss any concerns you have with your supervisor and try to mutually agree on a resolution. If this approach does not work, Work-Study students may contact the Work-Study Manager and departmental student employees may contact the Student Job Service Manager for further assistance.


Changes in class schedule, academic pressures, or other factors may affect your ability to commit to your Work-Study job. If resignation is the only solution, discuss your concerns with your supervisor and, if possible, give at least two weeks’ notice.

Being Terminated

If your supervisor is not satisfied with your performance, you can be terminated. It is strongly recommended, however, that prior to termination a supervisor meet with a student to review performance concerns, issue a written warning, and establish a timetable to measure improvement.

For gross misconduct, your supervisor may terminate your employment immediately, and you may be referred to the Dean of Students for further action. Gross misconduct includes, but is not limited to, theft of University property, harassment, violation of computer security policies, and timesheet fraud.

If You Are Terminated

Work-Study students who have been terminated may contact the Work-Study Manager to discuss future work options. Departmental student employees may contact the Student Job Service Manager.