Job Interview Tips

The application and interview process varies from job to job, for both Work-Study and Student Job Service positions. Some supervisors may request a resume and/or cover letter prior to the interview, or you may need to complete an employment application when you arrive for the interview.

Student job interviews are often fairly informal. However, you should:

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Provide accurate information regarding your skills, past work experience, and professional references (if requested).

Supervisors usually address the following topics during a student job interview:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Pay rate
  • Job requirements (skill set, experience, etc.)
  • Necessary training
  • Start date and length of employment
  • Required time commitment and available schedule
  • Reference information*
  • (Work-Study only) The Student Employee Authorization (SEA) form, acquired from the Work-Study Office prior to the interview. This form is required in order for you to be paid.

* Student Employment does not provide information to prospective employers regarding your work performance in past student jobs at Boston University. However, you may be asked to provide this information.

By the end of the interview, you should know:

  • The job responsibilities
  • The pay rate
  • The type and length of training required
  • Your work schedule for the current semester
  • Your start date and length of employment

Feel free to ask questions if you would like more information on any aspect of the job!