Summer Tutors

BUILD does not run a summer program. There are insufficient funds and little leadership to supervise tutors. However, a small number of tutors can work until the end of the Boston Public School year (usually middle to end of June).

Tutors choosing to work during the summer generally stay at their same site. They are expected to work the same number of hours each week in the summer that they worked during the school year.

Undergraduates who plan to work through the end of the Public School year must apply for, and be awarded, Summer Work-Study.

Tutors who are SED graduate students must contact Ruth Shane with proposed summer schedules. She will contact theĀ  SED Graduate Financial Assistance to ask for Summer Work-Study awards based on those schedules.


  • No transportation is provided after BU Commencement.
  • Tutors are asked to submit daily reports of their activities similar to the weekly reports lead tutors submit during the school year.
  • As during the school year, all other BUILD Policies and Procedures remain in effect.