Fields Trips

The BUILD program does not allow tutors to attend field trips as part of their paid work schedule.

We understand that many of our sites take children on field trips. While the BUILD Advisory Committee agrees that these have educational value for the children, we do not believe that the tutor’s presence is necessary. The BUILD tutor’s job is to provide literacy tutoring to children, and although field trips may be related to literacy, tutors do not actually coach a child in literacy skills while on a field trip. Without actually attending the trip, tutors can assist children in follow-up reading and writing activities.

Volunteering for Field Trips

There may be times when a tutor feels that it is important to participate in a field trip. In these instances, the tutor may attend only as a volunteer and will NOT be paid.

Tutors who choose to volunteer on field trips must never assume responsibility for the safety or supervision of the children. As a volunteer, the tutor should be responsible only for discussion with the children about the experience, translation if children are English Language Learners, and enjoying the trip with the group.