Tutors and lead tutors are expected to meet the obligations of their work schedule in a timely and consistent manner. Planning and debriefing sessions are a mandatory part of all tutors’ schedules.

Excused Absences

There are certain situations in which absences are excused, such as those relating to serious illness, religious holidays, and personal emergencies. If a tutor needs to be absent for any of these reasons, he or she should contact his or her lead tutor in advance.

At the beginning of each semester, lead tutors and their tutors should establish primary and secondary systems of notification. Under no circumstances should a lead tutor arrive at a site to find that a tutor is missing without having provided previous notification.

Some programs may also require that tutors contact the site directly regarding expected absences. Tutors are responsible for knowing their site’s procedures regarding absences.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences include missing transportation, studying for a test, writing a paper, attending a group study session, or leaving early for a holiday or weekend. BUILD tutors are expected to control these factors and schedule their time accordingly.

Penalties for unexcused absences:

  • First incident: a verbal warning from the lead tutor and a formal review of the site’s attendance policy.
  • Second incident: a written warning.
  • Third incident: meeting with program coordinators followed by a probationary period.
  • Further absences: dismissal from the program.