Summer Hiring Criteria

Students who are United States citizens or permanent residents and who have a Fall Semester Registration Status of “Eligible to Register” may work during the summer.

International students who have a Fall Semester Registration Status of “Registration Processed” may work during the summer.

Any student taking summer classes who has no Registration Status for the Fall Semester may work during the summer with the following stipulations:

  • Students registered in Summer 1 only may work only in Summer 1.
  • Students registered in both Summer 1 and Summer 2 or in Summer 2 only may work for the entire summer.

Students working on an incomplete to finish a graduation requirement are not considered enrolled and cannot be paid as student employees.

A student’s normal work week should be 39 or fewer hours. FICA Regulations stipulate that students consistently working 40 hours or more should be considered full-time employees and are subject to FICA taxes. Students consistently working 40 hours per week should be paid as staff on the appropriate payroll level.

A student employee should be active only on the SE level. A University employee on CR, FY, MD, or OT level may not be paid as a student employee until he or she has been terminated from that payroll level. (This does not include the student stipend, SC, level.)

Please feel free to contact Student Payroll if you have any questions.