Salary Advances

A salary advance is a loan to a student employee against gross wages earned but not yet paid.

Payroll coordinators are responsible for initiating all salary advance requests. Students may not request salary advances from either Student Payroll or University Payroll.

An advance should be requested only under the following circumstances:

  • A departmental error has resulted in the student’s not being paid, and he or she cannot wait until the next payroll period for the funds.
  • An emergency has arisen, such as a death in the family, serious illness, or some other personal matter of serious financial hardship.

Advances are for 65% of what the student’s gross earnings should have been. The remaining 35% will pay out the following payroll — all applicable taxes will be deducted from the 35%.

Advances are not given for payments due in the future.

E-mail all advance requests to Angela Mitchell at

To guarantee an advance for a specific date, submit the request no later than noon of that date. Any requests received after noon will be available on the next business day.

For hourly payments, departments must input the student’s timesheet before requesting an advance. For advances on monthly and piecemeal payments the SEA for those payments must be input and approved before an advance is requested.

Students may pick up their advances at University Payroll (25 Buick Street, 1st Floor) after 3 p.m. on the day they are issued. Picture ID is required, preferably a Terrier Card.

Please note: Advances are subject to approval by Student Payroll. The department will be notified if there are any problems.