Handling Checks

  1. Make a screenprint of Galaxy Screen HR70 (on line gross wages report) for the mail code(s) which you handle.
  2. Confirm checks against the gross wages report immediately.
    1. If you are missing a check that is listed on your gross wages report, contact University Payroll immediately.
    2. If you have a check for someone not listed on your gross wages report, notify University Payroll immediately.
    3. If someone who should have a check or direct deposit stub is not listed on the gross wages report, look him or her up on the Student Employee Information function on the Business Link to determine check destination.
  3. Keep Student payroll checks in a secure location, such as a locked drawer or box. Checks should never be left in open mail boxes or any other unsecured location.
  4. It is suggested that all departments have a sign-out procedure for checks.
  5. Checks not picked up within six weeks of the date of issue should be returned to Student Payroll.