014-001 Error Message Resolution

New Hire/Rehire Function Error Message

If you are receiving this message…

Unit/Dept/Source 014-001-XXXXX is not defined to table.  Click Here

  1. Please use the Click on ACCT XWALK to access SAP/legacy Crosswalk information.  Enter the 014-001-0908 or 0902, then the source number.  If two or more choices are displayed, use the legacy unit/department (not the 014-001 Unit/department) and enter it onto the student employment function you are currently using.
  2.  If only one option appears, and it is 014-001 plus a source, then complete the required information requested below.  The Unit/Department/Source combination you are entering, 014-001-XXXXX, is not defined to a required table within the Student Payroll system.

Please provide the information shown below in an email to seo@bu.edu .

The Subject Line should read 014-001-Source Code Issue.

  • Source Number to be used: (example: 1234-5)   Source = ______
  • Legacy Department Mail Code: (example:  CASXX)   ______
  • Legacy Unit/Department (unit/department used prior to SAP):  _____ -_____

(For this purpose, 014-001 is not considered a Legacy Unit/Department.)

Once this information is received by Student Payroll, this information will be updated onto our table and you will receive email notification that the hiring process can proceed. Please note that emails to this mailbox are answered as soon as possible and are reviewed at least three times per day.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.