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Supervisors may terminate a student for poor performance, gross misconduct, or lack of available work. Notify Work-Study staff whenever you terminate a student.

Poor Performance

If problems with a student arise, notify the Work-Study Manager. We recommend that you discuss specific areas of concern with the student, issue him or her a written warning, and allow an opportunity to improve within a specific time frame before deciding to terminate.

If satisfactory performance does not occur within the designated time frame, you may proceed with the termination. We recommend that supervisors give students two weeks notice of termination.

Gross Misconduct

Immediate termination is expected for gross misconduct, which includes, but is not limited to, actions threatening the safety of others, malicious use or theft of agency property, or falsification/forgery of timesheets or other documents. Report such cases immediately to the Work-Study Manager.

A student’s record of involuntary termination for gross misconduct may result in further disciplinary action by the University.

Lack of Available Work

If it becomes necessary to terminate a student mid-program due to lack of available work in the agency, we recommend that you give him or her two weeks notice.

Be sure to inform the student that the termination is not a reflection of work performance. You should also refer the student to BU Work-Study so that we may help him or her find another suitable position.