Off-Campus Supervisor Responsibilities

While each agency has its own standards for supervision of employees, supervisors of Boston University Work-Study students must also comply with those established by BU Work-Study.

When supervising Work-Study students, supervisors are expected to:

  • Explain to the student his or her role in the agency and/or department.
  • Explain the standards of behavior expected of employees.
  • Provide training in skills and procedures necessary to perform tasks.
  • Ensure adequate supervision of student work.
  • Keep lines of communication open, clear, and constructive.
  • Ensure that students are not scheduled to work during established class times.
  • Treat all students in accordance with their rights, which are the same as all employees’ rights as defined by applicable state, federal, and University regulations.
  • Monitor the student’s Work-Study award balance.
  • Ensure the accuracy of student timesheets.
  • Give students a half-hour (minimum) unpaid break if working six or more continuous hours.
  • Provide a work space that is free from hazards.
  • Report any student workplace accidents or injuries to the BU Work-Study Manager immediately.