SE Level Termination Process

Student Employment Level Terminations

It is necessary to terminate a former student employee from the Student Employment level in SAP before the former student can be hired into a casual level (including TEPV) or staff position in SAP.  Please note student employees cannot be terminated until their final student payment has  processed, there are no exceptions.

To request these terminations, please send an email to and include in the subject line “SE Level Termination”. In the body of the email, please include the name and BU ID number (preferably without any dashes) of the student who needs to be terminated. Please send the requests by 5 P.M. on Friday so they can be processed in time for the next payroll run.

International students must consult with ISSO prior to continuing their employment at the University as a casual or staff  employee.  Their continued employment at Boston University must meet USCIS regulations, and therefore must be cleared through ISSO before any work is performed.  Allowing an international student to continue working without ISSO authorization will jeopardize the student’s visa standing.


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