Previous Summer Institutes

Each year, the Summer Literacy Institute focuses on important topics and emerging trends in the field of literacy. Recent topics and featured speakers have included:

Summer Literacy Institute 2016
Increasing Educational Opportunities for All Literacy Learners

The Institute hosted a series of speakers and discussions concerning how literacy educators might work to increase educational opportunities for all literacy learners, with emphasis on assessment, bilingual literacy learners, and the use of children’s and young adult literature.

Guest speakers included:

  • Dean Alfred W. Tatum, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dr. Gay Ivey, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dr. Mileidis Gort, The Ohio State University
  • Dr. Laura Jiménez, Boston University
  • Dr. Kristin McIlhagga, Wayne State University

Summer Literacy Institute 2015
Reading and Writing in the 21st Century: What’s New?

The Institute focused on reading and writing in the 21st century and the implications for teaching younger and older students to read and write in an era of change.

Guest speakers included:

  • Elfrieda Hiebert, Text Project
  • Patrick Proctor, Boston College
  • Donald Leu, University of Connecticut
  • Junko Yokota, National Louis University

Summer Literacy Institute 2014
Disciplinary Literacy: Comprehension and Response

The Institute began with an overview of the current state of our understanding of Disciplinary Literacy followed by two sessions to explore specific levels of education: younger learners and adolescent learners. On the last day, children’s and young adult literature that supports disciplinary literacy was discussed.

Guest speakers included:

  • John Guthrie, University of Maryland
  • Jane Hansen, University of Virginia
  • Donna Ogle, National-Louis University
  • Nancy Roser, University of Texas at Austin

Summer Literacy Institute 2013
Achieving the Common Core State Standards: Integrating Complex Text, Close Reading, and Technology into Literacy Instruction

This seminar explored the dimensions of classroom instruction that must be in place if we are to support achievement of CCSS by every student.

Guest speakers included:

  • P. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley
  • Julie Coiro, University of Rhode Island
  • William Teale, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Laura Jimenez, Boston University School of Education
  • Kristin K.A. McIlhagga, Michigan State University

Summer Literacy Institute 2012
Classroom Talk: How and Why Words Matter

Guest Speakers included:

  • Peter Johnston, SUNY University
  • Linda Kucan, University of Pittsburgh
  • Georgia Garcia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Peter Afflerbach, University of Maryland

Summer Literacy Institute 2011
The Language of Learning: Vocabulary and Concept Development

Guest speakers included:

  • Shane Templeton, University of Nevada
  • Camille Blachowicz, National Louis University
  • Diane Lapp, San Diego State University
  • Margaret McKeown, University of Pittsburgh

Summer Literacy Institute 2010
Building World Knowledge Through Reading and Writing Informational
Texts: What Effective Teachers Know and Do

This institute was presented in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Guest speakers:

  • Maria Brisk, Boston College
  • Nell Duke, Michigan State University
  • Elfreida Hiebert, U.C., Berkeley
  • Dorothy Strickland, Rutgers University

Summer Literacy Institute 2009
Response to Intervention (RTI) and Other Good Ideas

Guest speakers:

  • Richard Allington, University of Tennessee
  • Kevin Koziol, Boston University
  • Marjorie Lipson, University of Vermont
  • Karen Wixson, University of Michigan