About Us

The School of Education at Boston University offers an array of services to develop the literacy knowledge and skills of struggling readers and writers and the teachers and administrators who serve them. Through educational services, courses, conferences, and institutes, the School of Education applies research-based knowledge to the development of children’s literacy skills and the enhancement of teachers’ classroom practices. At present, services are offered through several major initiatives: The Donald D. Durrell Reading and Writing Clinic, The Summer Literacy Institute, and the Certificate Program in Literacy Intervention.

Donald D. Durrell Reading and Writing Clinic (RWC)

The Donald D. Durrell Reading and Writing Clinic at Boston University serves students in grades 1-12 who experience difficulty with reading and writing. Students who enroll in the program have a range of learning profiles: some struggle just a bit, while others experience severe reading and writing difficulty. Some have specific educational needs, while others are not eligible in their respective schools for special support services in reading and writing. Some do reasonably well in reading, but struggle with writing.

Students who attend the RWC are evaluated in six key domains of literacy using a collection of research-validated informal and formal assessments. Based on the results of these assessments, an individualized tutoring plan is designed that builds on students’ identified strengths while addressing their needs with instructional approaches that lead to improved reading and writing proficiency. All instruction is provided by teachers who are experts in literacy.

The RWC offers 4 sessions in the course of each calendar year: two terms that meet on Saturday morning during the academic year, and two 3-week terms that meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings during the summer.

Professional Development for Educators
The School of Education offers a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers and principals, including courses, seminars, partnerships with districts, and our annual Summer Literacy Institute.

The Summer Literacy Institute
Each summer, the School of Education offers a one-week institute that addresses current issues in literacy learning. The institute is intended for classroom teachers, literacy specialists, and administrators who would like to deepen or update their knowledge of effective assessment and instruction in literacy.

The Certificate Program in Literacy Intervention
This Certificate Program focuses on leadership in literacy instruction for teachers and administrators working with students in elementary, middle, or secondary school. Taken as a whole, the Certificate represents the cornerstones of literacy instruction. Four courses comprise the Certificate, and collectively they examine effective practices in reading and writing, including reading and writing across the curriculum, successful approaches to literacy assessment, intervention strategies, and designs for differentiating instruction that address the needs of all learners.

Workplace Literacy 
The Reading and Writing Clinic (RWC) provides work-based literacy learning programs for those who have not adequately learned to read or for those with limited knowledge of English.