Admitted Students

Ten Reasons to Attend the School of Education

10. Field Placements.
For many of you during your first year, you’ll have the opportunity to be placed in an elementary or middle school through the School of Education course ED 100: Introduction to Education.

9. Tight-Knit Community.
You’ll have the community feel of a small school, along with the opportunities and resources of a large university. The School of Education even has an Education House where you can live with other School of Education students.

8. Get Two Degrees.
Qualified students can graduate with TWO degrees—one through the School of Education and the other through another college at Boston University. For example, if you want to major in both psychology and early childhood education or english and english education, it is possible at Boston University.

7. Programs Lead to Licensure.
All majors, with the exception of Deaf Studies, are recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for initial licensure with reciprocity in 50 states.

6. Engage in Urban Classrooms.
You can make a difference in the lives of Boston school students in the Boston Public Schools.

5. Network.
When you graduate, you’ll join a huge alumni network including university presidents, the former Washington, DC Superintendent of Schools, and a U.S. Ambassador.

4. Diverse Experiences.
You can work in both suburban and urban school systems through internships, student-teaching opportunities, and our 30-year-old consortium of Boston-area school districts and social service agencies.

3. Geographic Opportunity.
After a short ride on the “T” (Boston’s subway system), you’ll have access to an entire city along with its rich history and endless opportunities. Boston is a great city!

2. Learn From Leaders in Education.
You’ll work with some of the nation’s best leaders in education who will teach you their latest research findings in your area of study, as well as connect you to a network of experts in your intended field. Also participate in breaking research initiatives through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

1. Established Partnerships.
We’re the only private University that accepted responsibility for the day-to-day management of a public school system—Chelsea Public Schools. We’re now working with two Boston public schools—the William Monroe Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester and the English High School in Jamaica Plain—in an unprecedented collaboration with the Boston Public Schools and the City of Boston. The School of Education provides comprehensive, coordinated services aimed at improving student performance, instruction and tutoring, after-school support, student wellness and safety, and family and community engagement.