Internal Funding

Internal Funding for Faculty Pilot Research

Internal Funding for Faculty Pilot Research is a policy created for faculty to get pilot grant work. Limited funds available for faculty interested in pilot research. More information will be forthcoming.

Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Office of Research is committed to helping graduate students travel to conferences around the world to present their own research and connect with others conducting research in the field of education. Students and faculty from within SED regularly present at the annual AERA and APA conferences and also travel to field-specific conferences across the United States and the World. Students and faculty may apply for funding through the Office of Research; priority is given those who are presenting research.

Graduate Student Travel Award (Doctoral and Master’s Degree students)

Travel funds (up to $500) are intended to support attendance at research conferences and may include registration fees, transportation, lodging, and meal expenses. Priority is given to students who are authors or co-authors on a paper or a poster presentation. Although priority is given to first-time recipients, if funds allow, students who qualify may receive funding more than once.

There are two separate funds for Graduate Student Travel Awards.

  1. Discipline-Specific Research Conferences (e.g., National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Literacy Research Association, Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference) 
  2. AERA Research Conference

Application Deadlines: October 1 and February 1

To apply for a travel award, please complete the Graduate Student Travel Award Application form for either AERA or Discipline Specific conferences, a budget detailing the costs you will incur to attend the conference, and include a letter of support from your faculty advisor.

Please note that awards must be used by the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Associate Dean for Research, V. Scott Solberg at

Click here to view recent recipients.

SED Graduate Research and Scholarship Awards (GRASA)

Doctoral Research Award (Doctoral Degree students only)

Doctoral Research Awards are intended to support individual or collaborative student research that is likely to be publishable as it seeks to answer questions of significant national importance in education and promises trustworthy findings based on a sound and rigorous methodological design.

Award amount: $1,500
Number of awards to be given each year: 2 (one in each application period)
Submission deadlines: October 1 and February 1
(Unsuccessful applicants are invited to resubmit)

To apply for this award, please complete the Doctoral Research Award application form, and include a description of your research with the following information:

Section I: A statement of your research problem and supporting rationale and a description of your proposed methods. (Maximum length = 3 pages double-spaced)

Section II: On a separate page, include a detailed budget (e.g., cost of measurement instruments, statistical consulting, travel to site) and a budget justification. Your budget should not include resources that are readily available to students within SED or at BU. (Maximum length = 1 page)

Section III: Explain how the funding will support the completion of your dissertation research or is connected to development of your overall research program. (Maximum length = 300 words)

Include a letter of support from your dissertation advisor.

Please direct questions to the Associate Dean for Research, V. Scott Solberg at

Click here to view recent recipients.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the School of Education benefit from the community feel of a small school along with the resources of a large university. Our students are in the field in both urban and suburban schools as early as their first year at SED.

Graduate Students

Talented graduate students from around the world prepare to become teachers, counselors, administrators, and more in as little as one year at the School of Education. Our students engage in diverse aspects of education both in the classroom and the field.