Exploring Quantum Concepts in General Chemistry

This project focuses on introducing undergraduate students to quantum concepts. The goal is to reform undergraduate education and produce a curriculum more in keeping with modern science. The project is an outgrowth of earlier research on how high school students learn quantum ideas and how teachers can effectively support this learning. The project emphasizes how computer visualization tools can provide students with a descriptive introduction to quantum phenomena in atoms and molecules. For further information, contact Peter Garik (

Healthy Futures Education Initiative

 Through this focus, those students in science education studying to become science teachers receive timely training on environmental themes. This exposure revolves around our current development of a demonstration exhibit in science education which will feature solar, wind, and human power generation displays. This initiative, woven into the methods classes in science education, will help prepare youth for a future where human beings can act more compatibly with our home—the earth.

The Microcosmos Project

The Microcosmos Project in the Science Education Program is an international effort that has developed new curricula and materials that introduce the important world of microorganisms into the classroom. The program shows how the unseen world of microorganisms, upon which we all depend, can be a dynamic vehicle for stimulating interest in the natural sciences in children and adults. For more information, contact Dr. Douglas Zook at 617-353-2030 or email