Julie Dwyer

Assistant Professor

Dr. Julie Dwyer is an Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education. She holds an MEd in Language and Literacy from Harvard University and a PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of Michigan. Prior to completing her doctorate, she worked in Chelmsford, Massachusetts for five years as an early intervention reading specialist, providing direct service to struggling kindergarten and first grade readers and consulting with classroom teachers. Her research focuses on early language and literacy learning and teaching, with a particular focus on vocabulary development and the interplay between conceptual knowledge and vocabulary development.

Dr. Dwyer has presented at local and national reading and educational research conferences on vocabulary development and instruction in early childhood settings. She has also published in The Reading Teacher, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Journal of Literacy Research, and Early Childhood Education Journal. Dr. Dwyer is an appointed member of the editorial board for Reading Research Quarterly.

University of Michigan, Ph.D., Language, Literacy, and Culture, 2010

University of Michigan, M.A., Research Methods, 2007

Harvard University, Ed.M., Language and Literacy, 1999

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, B.A., Psychology and Education, Cum Laude, 1996

SED EC 305/605 “Child Development and Education”

SED EC 453/516  “Curriculum and Practice in Early Childhood Education:  Early Literacy and Social Studies Learning and Teaching”

SED LR 551 “Reading Development, Assessment, and Instruction in the Elementary School”

Dr. Dwyer's research focuses on vocabulary development and instruction in early childhood settings.

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