FAQs Concerning SEI Endorsement

No, the SEI course must be taken within the approved program. It cannot be taken outside of the approved program and transferred in. At this point in time, a student cannot take it at another college even if it is a DESE approved SEI course and is part of an approved program at the other school.

If a student had been enrolled in an MA DESE approved program elsewhere and has transferred into a BU approved program, that course can be applied to the BU program and be used to fulfill the SEI endorsement requirement with documentation from the first college stating that: 1) the student had been enrolled in an approved program; 2) the SEI course had received DESE approval; and, 3) that no other courses, seminars, or modules were required to obtain the SEI endorsement from that institution.

The documentation specified above must be placed in the student’s permanent file.

DESE will not develop a list at this point in time.

No, the course must be from a MA college and taken within an approved program. Out-of-state colleges may have some similar requirement but would not fulfill MA’s SEI endorsement requirements.

No, no out-of-state course can be considered to be compliant with the MA requirements.

No. The course(s) submitted by organizations as part of their approved programs are approved only when taken as a part of an initial pre-service licensure preparation program. Pre-service requirements differ from in-service requirements, specifically in terms of the field-based component of the courses.

No. A student can graduate, but, without licensure and without the SEI endorsement. If the student completes the SEI requirement after graduation, the licensure endorsement and SEI endorsement must be withheld until the SEI course is completed.