Why Alumni Giving Matters at SED

Perhaps the most important resource that SED possesses is its thousands of alumni across America and around the world—most involved in education and deeply committed to what education can mean for our world’s future.

The SED administration wants a highly interactive relationship with these alumni, making them an integral part of the School’s educational program. Philosopher William James wrote that teaching is an art, not a science, and the teachers (and counselors and coaches and educational leaders) whom the School is preparing cannot learn that art in SED’s classrooms alone. They need practical experience and mentoring by individuals who have already mastered the arts which they are pursuing.

Through the SED Fund, the School will create new forms of linkage so that alumni can stay involved in the life of SED. This will include events and discussions through which alumni can participate with SED faculty and students in developments in education worldwide. For example, in the past SED has held events on the black-white achievement gap, cyberethics, Muslim and other faith-based schools, No Child Left Behind, and other current issues.

The SED Fund will also provide alumni the opportunity to join in mentoring new teachers and other educators, setting an example for effective professional development in education through combining theory and experience.

Coordination of these alumni-related activities will depend upon support from the SED Fund, and gifts can be designated for this purpose.

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