Health Requirements

Boston University is very concerned about the health and wellness of our entire student community.  To this end, the University requires that every incoming student (freshman, transfer, or graduate) have a physical examination by a licensed practitioner and be immunized against the following common communicable diseases: measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), tetanus, hepatitis-B, and (bacterial) meningitis.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all full-time undergraduate and graduate students, all full-time and part-time health science students, and any full-time or part-time international students to submit proof of immunization. You can find the state requirements summarized here.

The “Student Information, Medical History, and Physical Report” or “Health Form”, available on the student health services web site, outlines the requirements. When completing the form, please be sure to include immunization dates as well as the signature of your health care provider. This information should then be returned to:

Student Health Services
Boston University
881 Commonwealth Avenue, West
Boston, MA 02215

You may also fax the information to (617) 353-7224 or (617) 353-3557.

For additional health related information, please go to the Boston University Student Health Services web site.

Address Change

Students must notify the University of any local or home address changes. To do this, eligible students may update this information on the Student Link or complete a Personal Data Change form, available from the student’s School or College, the University Information Center, or the Office of the University Registrar. Changes in residence hall addresses are the responsibility of the Housing Office. If the student withdraws from University housing but remains enrolled at the University, the student must update his or her local address.

Name Change/Correction

Misspelled names on official University documents can be corrected by presenting a current driver’s license or other form of identification to the Office of the University Registrar.

Currently enrolled students who wish to change their names must present sufficient reason and identification to the Office of the University Registrar. Upon approval, the student will be asked to complete a Name Change form.

For students who are no longer registered or who have graduated, legal documentation (e.g., a marriage license or court order) must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar along with the request for the change.

Identification Cards

Terrier Cards are issued by the Terrier Card Office. Students are assigned an ID number by the University.

A student is entitled to a new card only when there are changes to the information on the card. A fee is charged for replacing a lost card. Replacement cards are issued at the Terrier Card Office.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the School of Education benefit from the community feel of a small school along with the resources of a large university. Our students are in the field in both urban and suburban schools as early as their first year at SED.

Graduate Students

Talented graduate students from around the world prepare to become teachers, counselors, administrators, and more in as little as one year at the School of Education. Our students engage in diverse aspects of education both in the classroom and the field.