Students are expected to attend each class session unless they have a valid reason for being absent. Students may be required at any time to account for undue irregularity in attendance, either by personal explanation to their faculty advisor or dean or by written statement from a parent or another authority. Any student who has been excessively absent from a course may be required to withdraw from that course without credit. Students who expect to be absent from class for more than five days should notify their dean promptly.

Students absent from classes more than two days for illness should be under a doctor’s care. Students who are absent five days or more for illness should present to Student Health Services a certificate of fitness from their physician or be examined at the University Clinic.

Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

Students who wish to withdraw from the University or take a leave of absence must submit their requests in writing; mere absence from class does not reduce financial obligations or guarantee that final grades will not be recorded. Undergraduate degree candidates submit their requests to the University Service Center; Metropolitan College part-time and non-degree students file with the Dean’s Office of Metropolitan College or the Office of the University Registrar; all others file their requests at the Dean’s Office in their School or College of enrollment. A request for a withdrawal or leave of absence is effective on the day it is received in the appropriate office; tuition and fees are canceled in accordance with the University’s refund schedule, which is published by the Office of the University Registrar and is available at

Students who are voluntarily absent for one or more semesters without officially taking a leave of absence may jeapordize their privledge to return, and must contact their School or College at least eight weeks before the start of the semester to inquire about reinstatement. Students who, during their absence from the University, have enrolled as degree candidates at another institution must reapply through the Admissions Office as transfer students. The individual Schools and Colleges may have additional stipulations regarding withdrawals and leaves of absence.

Students who have left the University for medical reasons may be required to provide a letter from a physician stating that they are able to return.
Absence for Religious Reasons

According to Chapter 151C of the General Laws, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, any student in an educational or vocational training institution, other than a religious or denominational educational or vocational training institution, who is unable, because of his or her religious beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any examination, study, or work requirements on a particular day, shall be excused from any such examination or study or work requirement, and shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination, study, or work requirement that may have been missed because of such absence on any particular day; provided, however, that such makeup examination or work shall not create an unreasonable burden upon such school. No fees of any kind shall be charged by the institution for making available to the said students such opportunity. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to students because of their availing themselves of the provisions of this section.

Suspension or Dismissal

Boston University, through its various faculties and appropriate committees, reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student for failure to maintain a satisfactory academic record, acceptable personal behavior, or satisfactory standards of health.

Copies of Boston University’s Code of Student Responsibilities are available from the Office of the Dean of Students, East Tower, George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the School of Education benefit from the community feel of a small school along with the resources of a large university. Our students are in the field in both urban and suburban schools as early as their first year at SED.

Graduate Students

Talented graduate students from around the world prepare to become teachers, counselors, administrators, and more in as little as one year at the School of Education. Our students engage in diverse aspects of education both in the classroom and the field.