Fall Convocation

Fall Convocation welcomes both new and continuing students to the School of Education. Held in September, the Fall Convocation provides a forum for students, faculty, and staff to engage in a dialogue about the field of education. Previous themes for the Fall Convocation have included school violence and school choice.

Junior Pinning and Affirmation Ceremony

Junior Pinning is an event to honor the undergraduate juniors’ commitment to the field of education. This event brings students, faculty, staff, and guests together to celebrate the junior class before they embark upon their student teaching experience in their senior year. During the ceremony, one junior is selected by the Student Services Office to speak about their experience in the School of Education and the field of education thus far. The junior class will also declare their dedication to education by reciting the Boston University Educator’s Affirmation.

Boston University Educator’s Affirmation

I dedicate myself to the life of an educator, to laying the living foundations upon which successor generations must continue to build their lives.

I dedicate myself to the advancement of learning, for I know that without it our successors will lack both the vision and the power to build well.

I dedicate myself to the cultivation of character, for I know that humanity cannot flourish without courage, compassion, honesty, and trust.

I commit myself to the advancement of my own learning and to the cultivation of my own character, for I know that I must bear witness in my own life to the ideals that I have dedicated myself to promote in others.

In the presence of this gathering, I so dedicate and commit myself.

Written for the School of Education Junior Pinning Ceremony by Steven Tigner

Senior Appreciation and Robing Ceremony

The annual Appreciation and Robing Ceremony for the undergraduate senior class of the Boston University School of Education began in 1997. This event honors the graduates and provides them with the opportunity to show their appreciation to those who have helped them earn their degrees. Seniors present speeches to their families, past teachers, and current professors who have helped them during their academic careers.

At the Robing Ceremony, each participant is invited to the stage to be assisted in “robing” for the first time by a faculty member of the program/department in which the participant has been working. The faculty member assists in putting on the robe and the mortar board and placing the tassel as it should be prior to graduation. The light blue tassel symbolizes that the degree candidate has a major in education. Additionally, the president of the Undergraduate Student Government  presents the Golden Key Award to a student who reflects commitment to the Undergraduate Student Government.

SED Community BBQ

On the Friday of the last week of classes, the Student Services Office sponsors a community-wide barbeque. The event gives students, faculty, staff, and alumni the chance to eat, play backyard games, and relax before final exams begin.