So-Jung Park


Program: EdM, Teaching English as a Second Language

Hometown: Republic of Korea

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a January! It is my second semester here at Boston University. Classes just started about two weeks ago, but they are already starting to crank into high gear. It is a great experience, though, and I am enjoying every second of it!

Right now, I am preparing for my oral presentation in my Second Language Acquisition class. It is definitely challenging but it gives me a great opportunity to incorporate the theory of second language acquisition with my teaching skills. One of the best parts about my program is that I am able to work on my individual project with my classmates. We help and encourage each other a lot!

I start my field observation next week, which will keep me very busy this semester. All international students have field observations for 10 weeks at the language institute in Boston University. I hope to use this opportunity to apply theory into practice by helping students in class understand what the instructions are. At the same time, I will be sharing ideas with other graduate students in my program on how to improve the students’ English skills.

This month has been very busy but there are many events in SED including a variety of information sessions, career fairs, and a great speech from Dr. Carol Johnson, superintendent of Boston Public Schools.

Every day I become more convinced that I have made the right choice to attend BU; I cannot wait to see how my semester wraps up. See you all in February!



Hi All!

I can’t believe it is almost in the middle of the semester. Things have been hectic, but I definitely love my life here at BU and in Boston. First, I want to talk about what is going on with my school life this month. I have been working on my research project. Yes! You’re right, my OWN research project! The project is quite a challenge, but I enjoy every moment of it from the interview sessions to the analysis of data.

By getting rid of my own biases, I get to learn about others’ perspectives. Research is definitely a new area for me because I mainly focus on teaching methodology. However, collecting, observing, and exploring the data has broadened my perspectives. I’m sure you’ll like it, too!

I also would like to share with you my experience with the Tsai Performance Center at BU. It has a great variety of music and dance performances. Recently, I went a performance of an a cappella group and it was amazing. Ten groups from local schools took part in a signing tournament. Each group consisted of several ethnic groups, which reminded me that the universities in Boston truly are melting pots. The skill level of these college students was incredible; their music was beautiful, creative, and harmonious. I was thrilled to be cheering for BU’s team. I was so proud of them.

Hope to see you on campus soon!


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