Clubs & Activities

Undergraduate Student Government (SEDSG)

Undergraduate students are represented within the School of Education and Boston University by an active student council. In addition to planning and providing educational, social, and athletic functions, the council is the voice of undergraduate students at the School of Education. Undergraduates, through the student council, are also active participants in the Boston University Student Senate. Visit the SEDSG website or our Facebook page for more information. To contact the SED Student Government, email or call 617-353-6284.

Graduate Student Association

Organized over 30 years ago, the School of Education Graduate Student Association (GSA) seeks to promote programming for the graduate students in the School of Education and Boston University community. The GSA plans and sponsors events that assist School of Education graduate students to acclimate to the University, promote awareness of current issues in education, and develop a sense of community.

The GSA sponsors a variety of social and academic events to help build our learning community. Your participation and contribution make our community successful. Please visit us at to learn more about events, sign up for an intramural team, or to find out more about the GSA. Also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, @GSAatSED.

The GSA membership consists of current and former School of Education part-time and full time graduate students. Meetings are scheduled periodically throughout the academic year. All current School of Education graduates students and alumni are welcome to participate in the GSA and the events sponsored by the group. Email the GSA at or call at 617-353-6284.

There’s a community beyond the classroom. Get involved. Make an impact.

Character Coalition

The Character Coalition participates in various opportunities throughout Boston University and into the city of Boston, as well. The club hopes to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of developing moral beings with virtues, such as respect, integrity, and empathy.

Character Coalition was based on the ideology that teachers should use the classroom as a place for moral/ethical development in addition to academic growth. This idea should be developed outside of the classroom as well. Members of our club come from all different majors and colleges within the university.

Previous projects include a fundraiser for “Pennies for Peace”, volunteering with “Peace First” in classrooms in Boston, walking in the “Out of the Darkness” walk against suicide and a “Character Approved” campaign to celebrate the individual characteristics of students at BU.

This years projects included leading Girl Scouts troops in the area, hosting a “Great Peace Challenge” Pay-It-Forward Scavenger Hunt, Care Pal pen pal program, along with many more opportunities.

Please contact if you would like to be added to our email list, new members are always welcome!

Deaf Studies Club

Our club aims to support students both majoring in or simply taking deaf studies classes, including ASL. We organize signing dinners so students have the opportunity to practice classroom skills in a more social environment, and have the chance to learn from their peers. We also organize events to bring students together and give them a chance to interact with the Deaf Community, such as our annual ASL Ball. When brought to our attention, we will disseminate information regarding other Deaf Community events to our members as well. Contact the Deaf Studies Club at or through our Facebook Group

Dean’s Hosts

The School of Education Dean’s Hosts are a select group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable undergraduate students who act as ambassadors for the School of Education. They dedicate their time and serve the SED community by hosting prospective students and families, as well as volunteering at SED community events with current BU students, parents, and alumni.

Selection of new Dean’s Hosts is held every fall and all School of Education undergraduate students are welcome to apply. Applications can be downloaded here. Faculty, staff, and current Dean’s Hosts can nominate students for Dean’s Hosts Program by using the Dean’s Host Nomination Form. All forms should be returned to the Office of Student Services, Room 243. Email:

Early Childhood Educators Club

This organization is for students who wish to learn more about early childhood education or child development. The goal is to help support any members who wish to pursue personal goals in the field of education from learning about the courses and fieldwork they will be involved in at Boston University, while also providing opportunities to hear from alumni and local teachers. The organization also participates in child-related service events and field trips. For more information about our club, check out our Facebook page at

Elementary Education Club

The Elementary Education Club aims to serve as a resource and forum for the all undergraduate students at Boston University interested in elementary education. Through community service, we contribute to the educational needs of children in the greater Boston community. The club serves as an academic resource, allowing for the sharing of student perspectives, and builds a community through meetings, discussions, social events, and volunteer opportunities. The club hosts events for and at the William Monroe Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester.

English Educators

The English Educators club unites English Education majors and other undergraduate students interested in the teaching of English. Forming a supportive environment, we provide assistance ranging from editing services to lesson plan exchanges. We offer ways to get involved in both the educational and literary communities by providing opportunities to volunteer with schools and libraries. Our weekly discussions consist of everything from dynamic educational debates to intense literary criticism, all the while adhering to a theme such as the achievement gap or super powers in literature. Past events have included attending talks at the Boston Book Festival as well as volunteering in a College Essay Bootcamp. Check out the English Educators website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or contact us at

Transitional Mentor (TM) Program

The TM Program helps ease your transition into life in the city of Boston within BU and the School of Education. The program aims to make coming to Boston University as simple as possible by organizing social events in the fall and by assigning you to an upperclassman, who will contact you prepare for and acclimate to life at BU. This person can be of great assistance in answering questions, giving advice, and being a friendly face around campus—helping to familiarize you with both campus-wide and School of Education opportunities. Contact the TMs at

Education House

Approximately 26 School of Education students live in the Education House on Bay State Road.


The sedGreen committee is an expanding group of faculty, students, and staff who work to advocate for green practices and policies in the School of Education, as well as all of Boston University. To learn more about sedGreen, visit the sedGreen web magazine, Stomata.

Email us at

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the School of Education benefit from the community feel of a small school along with the resources of a large university. Our students are in the field in both urban and suburban schools as early as their first year at SED.

Graduate Students

Talented graduate students from around the world prepare to become teachers, counselors, administrators, and more in as little as one year at the School of Education. Our students engage in diverse aspects of education both in the classroom and the field.