Gabrielle Jones

Contact Information
Phone: 317-275-7891

Educational History

  • Ph.D. Candidate University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • M.A.T. Westminster Theological Seminary
  • M.S University of Southern California
  • B.A. Wellesley College



A Deaf bilingual educator, Gabrielle Jones is currently a PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology in the Cognitive Science of Teaching and Learning division at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. She received her B.A degree from Wellesley College, M.S in Education at the University of Southern California, M.A.T. She has taught both elementary and middle school. She joined the Center for ASL and English Bilingual Education Research (CAEBER) first as a trainee then as a mentor to other teaching colleagues at the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

Gabrielle was awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship at Wellesley College to pursue one year abroad doing independent research exploring deaf education in the former Soviet Union. She was also awarded a three year pre-doctoral fellowship from the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. She also received the Research Integrity Ambassador Award from the US Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Research Integrity & Georgetown/Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Her broad research interests lie in deaf education, bilingual education practices using American Sign Language and English, the relationship between orthography and sign/spoken language in various languages. Specifically, Gabrielle investigates the cross-cultural and cross-linguistic practices of deaf teachers in China and how they teach deaf children to read both the alphabetic and logographic scripts.  From this inquiry, we can learn more about how teaching influences literacy development in a sign bilingual context and how particular visual strategies may be deployed to promote reading for deaf children in the United States as well as abroad.

Selected Publications

  • Singleton, J., Jones, G., & Hanumantha, S. “Deaf Friendly Research? Toward Ethical Practice in Research Involving Deaf Participants.” Deaf Studies Digital Journal. Issue 3: Spring 2012

Selected Presentations

  • Singleton, J., Jones, G. & Hanumantha, S. (2010, July). Deaf-Friendly Science? Towards Ethical Practice in Research Involving Deaf Participants. Platform Presentation at the 21st Annual International Congress of Education for the Deaf, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Jones, G. (2010, July). Deaf Chinese School and Literacy Experiences. Platform Presentation at the 21st International Congress of Education for the Deaf (ICED), Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Singleton, J., Jones, G. & Hanumantha, S. (2010, Sept). Deaf Friendly Science? Examining Ethical Research Conduct Through Focus Group Methodology” Poster presentation at the Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR) Conference. Purdue University, Indiana.
  • Jones, G. (2010, October) ASL and Deaf Culture.  Invited guest lecture for LIN250 “Language Diversity in America,” University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.
  • Jones, G. (2010, Feb) Growing up Deaf in China: Literacy and School Experiences.  Paper presentation to Association of College Educators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH), Kentucky.
  • Singleton, J., Jones, G. & Hanumantha, S. (2010, Feb). Deaf Friendly Research? Toward Ethical Practice in Research involving Deaf Participants. Paper presentation at Association of College Educators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH), Kentucky.
  • Jones, G. & Stifter, R. (2005, June) Technology in an American Sign Language/ English Bilingual classroom. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf, NTID, Rochester, NY.
  • Simms, L., Garate, M. & Jones, G. (2005, Feb) Promoting Bilingualism and Literacy for Deaf students through Pre-service and In-service Teacher Collaboration. Paper presentation at Association of College Educators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH), Banff, Canada.
  • Jones, G. (2002, May). Bilingual Strategies in the Classroom. Discussant for Reading Symposium, San Diego, CA
  • Jones, G. (2002, May) Mainstreaming and Deaf children. Invited Guest Speaker, UCSD Extension Studies, San Diego, CA.

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