Faculty Publications

The School of Education’s faculty is committed to preparing highly effective educators who have excellent clinical training. They also have a powerful commitment to research and scholarship within their respective fields of expertise. Below is a sampling of our faculty’s publications organized by area of research. Additional publications can be found on individual faculty profile pages.

Amy Baltzell, Clinical Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Sport Psychology Concentration

Hardin L.K. Coleman, Professor of Counseling Psychology, Dean, Boston University School of Education

Kathleen H. Corriveau, Peter Paul Assistant Professor, Applied Human Development Program Coordinator

Thomas Cottle, Professor (Emeritus)

Jennifer Green, Assistant Professor

Amie Grills, Associate Professor, Director of the Counseling Psychology & Applied Human Development Cluster

Melissa Holt, Assistant Professor

Kim Howard, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

John McCarthy, Clinical Assistant Professor

Adam Naylor, Clinical Assistant Professor

Michelle Porche, Clinical Associate Professor

Scott Solberg, Professor, Associate Dean for Research

  •  Solberg, V.S., Richards, C., vanBruinswaardt, C., Chen, Z., Jarukitisakul, C. (2014). Supporting Students with Special Needs in their Transition from Schools to Higher Education. CAISE Review, 2,26 – 45.
  • Solberg, V. S., Budge, S., Phelps, L. A., Durham, J., Haakenson, J. F. & Timmons, J. (2011).  The effectiveness of individualized learning plans in supporting preparation for making successful post-secondary transitions: Parent, teacher, and student perspectives.  Journal of Career Development.

Evelyn Ford-Connors, Lecturer

Roselmina Indrisano, Professor

Jeanne Paratore, Professor