Professor Martell Published in “The Teacher Educator”

SEDFACULTYProfessor Christopher Martell’s article, Building a constructivist practice: A longitudinal study of beginning history teachers, was published in the Teacher Educator, Vol. 49, Issue 2, 2014.

In his article, Martell investigates the development of secondary history teachers’ beliefs and related practices over time. The results showed that issues of classroom control were major barriers for the implementation of constructivist-oriented practices. However, contrary to some previous studies, learning to teach in transmission-oriented contexts did not result in the diminishing of the teachers’ constructivist beliefs and in some ways affirmed their constructivist beliefs.

Martell is currently embarking on a similar study of elementary social studies teachers and their use of inquiry-based methods. Read about Martell’s research here.

The Teacher Educator is a national peer-reviewed journal with a focus on current issues, research, and program innovations that augment teacher preparation and continued professional development for educators. The journal serves as an international forum for stimulating discussion among educators who seek to challenge existing boundaries in the field.

Citation for Martell’s article:

Martell, C. C. (2014). Building a constructivist practice: A longitudinal study of beginning history teachers. Teacher Educator49(2), 97-115.

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