Peter Gibbon Presents at Hingham Public Schools & NAIS

gibbonSED Research Scholar Peter Gibbon will present at the Hingham Public Schools on February 5, 2014 and the National Association of Independent Schools Conference (NAIS) on February 27, 2014. Below is a description of Gibbon’s presentation:

Does a physical education teacher pay more attention to nutrition and sleep after an introduction to John Locke’s chapter connecting body and mind? Does the mathematics teacher lean towards more drill after thinking about E.D. Hirsch’s defense of facts? Might the history teacher conclude that “more is less” rather than concentrate on coverage after considering Howard Gardner’s emphasis on in-depth study? This workshop focuses on the ways philosophers of education can be made relevant and useful to teachers today. Examining the key ideas of educational philosophers the workshop will connect these ideas to contemporary best-selling books on education, such as Amy Chu’s Tiger Mother and Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed and explore their relevance to current topics and controversies in education: charter schools, common core, character education, teacher evaluation, and the standards accountability reform movement. The presentation includes a PowerPoint and audience participation.

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