Professor Zook to be Part of Documentary Film on the Life of Lynn Margulis

Professor Douglas Zook will be part of a documentary about the late Dr. Lynn Margulis. The documentary, titled Lynn Margulis: Toward a Symbiotic Worldview, is being produced by filmmaker John Feldman and Hummingbird Films.

The film will follow the work and life of Margulis, who is acknowledged as one of the modern leaders in scientific thinking, teaching, and research. It will also include interviews of leading scholars in the fields of evolutionary biology, symbiosis, and science, including Professor Zook.

Dr. Margulis served on Zook’s PhD committee thirty years ago, and remained in his life as a mentor and friend. Zook and Margulis continued to work together at Boston University and the School of Education, organizing various workshops for teachers.

Professor Zook and the Pickering Educational Resource Library organized a special tribute area for the late Margulis, as part of the Sustainability Resources Center. The exhibit area includes scholarly papers and books by Margulis which are available for students, faculty, and staff.

Lynn Margulis: Toward a Symbiotic Worldview is expected to be released for broad distribution in 2014.

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