Professor Zook Presents Closing Address at Cell Biology Conference in Zakopane, Poland

Professor Douglas Zook delivered the closing address at the Puzzles of Development from First Divisions to Brain Wiring Conference held by the Embryology and Morphology Division of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The conference was held in Zakopane, Poland.

The conference featured noted researchers with expertise in in both zoology and botany. Professor Zook’s presentation focused on the dominance of symbiotic systems in life systems and in the biosphere. His central message was the need to realize that animals, including human beings, as well as plants and other visible organisms are actually ecosystems governed to a large degree by necessary bacteria. One of the most researched and discussed topics in Biology currently, this symbiosis theme highlights new pathways of thinking for medicine, ecology, and education.

Following the conference, Professor Zook returned to special lectures on plant evolution at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, prior to an upcoming invited lecture organized by the botany research group at the University of Warsaw.

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