“Dads Read” Program Has Another Successful Semester

The Dads Read program ended its spring session on May 1, 2013. Dads Read is a book club program at the Edward Monroe Trotter School that brings together students and “Dads.” Dads include fathers, older brothers, grandfathers, or other adult male role models.

During the last session of these semester’s program, students and Dads were visited by marine biologist, Ellen Goethel of the Explore the Ocean World program. Explore the Ocean World is a “hands on Marine Science program that has been bringing in live and preserved marine animals into schools and other institutions throughout New England for 27 years.” The children and dads explored the wide variety of ocean animals in three touch tanks and learned additional facts to support ongoing study of various oceanographers and ocean conservation.

At the end of each Dads Read semester, students and their Dads receive t-shirts as a gift for participation. Instead, this year, participants were given baseball caps, as requested by the Dads. Dads took a strong sense of ownership for their group throughout this session. They participated in many ways, from serving dinner to offering suggestions for books/themes, as well as reaching out to some new families.

Dads Read

Dads Read
is organized by Professor Jennifer Bryson of SED in coordination with Michael Allwood, the Family Community Outreach Coordinator (FCOC) of Boston Public Schools.

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