European Union Support Brings Professor Zook Back to Krakow, Poland on Plant Evolution Themes

From mid-May to the end of June, Professor Douglas Zook of SED will be giving a series of lectures in English to undergraduate Biology majors as part of the Plant Evolution course led by botanist Professor Elzbieta Kuta. Zook will be teaching at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Among the topics will be the key role fungi played in transitioning plants from water to land 400 million years ago; the fact that photosynthesis in plants and algae originated through an independent free-living organism that entered into a host cell; and how we as humans are completely dependent on the chlorophyll molecule of green plants and algae for our hour-to-hour existence. Dr. Zook will also be giving invited presentations at the University and other venues on global ecology and climate change themes.

The Botanical Garden of Kraków will also feature a special multi-media presentation of Dr. Zook’s latest reflection photographs from the “Earth Gazes Back” series. These photographs attracted much attention when exhibited at the George Sherman Union Gallery last summer, as well as in Kraków previously.

The extended visit is sponsored by generous support of the Jagiellonian University Interdisciplinary Program on Society, Environment and Technology, funded in part by the European Union. The Program is designed to bring distinguished scholars from outside of Poland to speak and work with students on significant interdisciplinary themes.

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