Professor Zook Presents Lecture Series on Evolution in Lisbon, Portugal

Professor Douglas Zook will present a series of lectures at the University of Lisbon, Portugal from March 9th to March 17th, 2013. This series of lectures will be presented during the International Evolution Education Week, organized by the Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Department at the University of Lisbon and supported by the John Templeton Foundation.

Professor Zook, a science educator and biologist, is a world expert on symbiotic systems and their role in evolution. His lecture series will discuss these themes. A brief description of the lectures is below:

Partnerships between different life forms dominate the biosphere. Indeed, human beings rely on a diverse community of bacteria so as to function and survive each day. This discipline of symbiosis is on the cutting edge of research today, with major implications in medicine, ecology, and education.

The International Evolution Education Week will bring together graduate students from several countries to learn about and discuss the role of symbiosis, viruses, and gene transfers in evolution. The program also includes a series of sessions on language evolution led by other noted scientists.



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