Professor White Serves on Commission on Civic Engagement and Learning

Professor Charles White recently served on the Special Commission on Civic Engagement and Learning. The commission was organized by the Massachusetts Legislature to investigate and study civic engagement and learning in the Commonwealth. It was comprised of legislative, administrative, education, and special interest group leaders and officials.

On Monday, January 28, 2013, the Special Commission released its report, “Renewing the Social Compact,” after one year of deliberation. The report investigates and offers recommendations for elementary and secondary, higher, and adult education.

According to Professor White, the commission’s investigation focused on the levels of civil and political engagement at the local, state, national, and global levels. White continues to say that such engagement can be promoted through learning and experience in “civic knowledge, civic skills, and civic dispositions.” The commission’s report delves into the challenge of delivering civic engagement and learning, offering examples of programs succeeding at the task.

State Senator Richard T. Moore, the commission’s chairman, believes the commission’s report and recommendations will “enable the Commonwealth to re-energize its focus on improving [civic engagement and learning].”

For more, the Special Commission’s full report can be viewed here – Renewing the Social Compact.

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